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Offer no. 72/9434/ODS. House on a large plot of land near the town of Rymań only 30 km from the seaside resort of Kołobrzeg, only 205.000,- EURO
For sale detached house on a large plot of 12,500 m2 ( 1.25 ha ) in the village of Dębica near Rymanie near Kołobrzeg. The house is situated on a large plot of over a hectare, practically fully fenced with access to a large pond at the end of the plot. Access is directly from the municipal road in Debica. The plot has an irregular shape and is in the form of two large rectangles connected by a narrowing. It is largely overgrown with trees and there is access to a large pond at the end of the plot. The area is very picturesque. The house itself, the garage and the outbuilding are located on the plot on a municipal road in Debica. There are two entrances. There are fewer trees on this part of the site, lots of open space and small garden architecture. There is an outbuilding in the immediate vicinity of the house and a garage a little further on. detached. The house itself is nicely integrated into the plot. The entrance is from the street and the path to the house is aesthetically paved.  There are numerous ornamental plantings around the house and along the pavement, making the building blend in gently with the landscape. 
The house is two-storey, consisting of a ground floor and a first floor.
On the ground floor there is a living room with kitchen, recreation room (small gym), bathroom, boiler room. On the first floor there are 3 rooms, a bathroom and a dressing room. A wooden staircase leads upstairs. On the garden side there is a terrace, which is accessed directly from the living room. In the living room there is an interesting wall made of antique red brick with no load-bearing character, which builds a historical atmosphere in the room. 
In the ground floor of the building there is a boiler room for a co cooker providing heat for the radiators and domestic hot water for the householders. There is a town gas line in the road by the plot itself ( practically next to the building ). The cooker can be converted to gas at any time. 
The house has mains water but there is an additional well built on the plot. The whole property is connected to the municipal sewage system. A fibre optic cable runs by the house.  
The house is built of brick. The roof is covered with ceramic tiles. The windows in the house are PVC woodgrain. There is an outbuilding on the land, currently not in use. 
It is an interesting proposal for people who want to live away from the street and the city. The property is in Dębica near Rymanie. Access is via an asphalt street in Dębica. The large plot of land of over a hectare is a great asset. The buyer, if he or she is not a farmer, must obtain permission from KOWR to purchase such property. Our office provides assistance in completing the application. This is the normal procedure in such a case. The large size of the land provides enormous opportunities for future owners. You can easily set up an agro-tourism farm, keep horses or grow organic crops here. With a bit of willingness, the plot can be divided into two independent properties. 
Dębica is a small village in Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship. It is situated by the old Szczecin - Koszalin road, about 30 km from Kołobrzeg. Not far from Dębica there is a nice tourist area with lakes frequented by tourists and local residents. In pre-war times, the area was famous for its fertile soil and excellent milk. Before the war, there were numerous manors and estates in the area. The whole area has a rich history written in this soil.
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